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One woman's life experiences

of Gods glorious work of mercy, grace, and purpose.


by Dr. Stephanie Iglesias


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13



from the Inside-Out

Tasteful Art Experience offers relaxing activities as an alternative method of therapy where you can connect on an emotional level while exploring your creativity.

Dr. Stephanie Iglesias is a single parent of two amazing boys. She lives her life based on these values:


God is the center to all that is done in life, family is her first ministry, respect is paramount, love hard, fight for what you believe in, action speaks louder than words, and take chances.

She is the founder of The Tasteful Art Experience, a hands on interactive business that allows individuals to use art as a means to positively express their inner most thoughts.


She is a co-author of the  International best-selling book,  Motherhood Dreams and Success: You Can Have It All, an anthology from women all over the globe who despite adversity conquered their dreams.


In March 2018, she release her first solo book, Far From Perfect. She is currently working on opening her own shop to deliver art therapy.

She released her second solo book, But God Won't He Do It in April 2019

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Far from Perfect is definitely a must read. I could not put it down.I laughed. I cried.It made me think of my own life. Stephanie's story is a real testimony as to how AWESOME God is and how HE will bring you out of situations. Go get this book!!

Sherilyn Clark



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