This is a “SURVIVOR GUIDE” a survival guide to learn how to function after abuse and/or a toxic relationship. In this book you will be provided with a step by step guide to overcome what most say is the “impossible”. To no longer be shameful, helpless, incapacitated,
and torn apart. This guide will provide strategies and the 3 P’s to getting back to “ME”: PROCESS, PROGESS, and PURPOSE. This guide will provide insight, inspiration, introspection, along with the
tools to self-liberation, self-worth, and self-respect through renewing the mind, body, and soul.

By: Dr. Stephanie Iglesias


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13



from the Inside-Out

Tasteful Art Experience offers relaxing activities as an alternative method of therapy where you can connect on an emotional level while exploring your creativity.

Dr. Stephanie Iglesias is a creative and multi-talented author, motivational speaker, creative arts therapist, and all natural health and wellness enthusiast.


Dr. Stephanie is a co-author of the  International best-selling book,  Motherhood Dreams and Success: You Can Have It All, an anthology from women all over the globe who despite adversity conquered their dreams. This was the first piece Dr. Stephanie wrote depicting a life of failure that turned to triumph.


Dr. Stephanie then started her self acclaimed series Dr. Stephanie Chronicles in which she has written: FAR FROM PERFECT, her life journey of failure, disappointments, and domestic violence and the ability to persevere through negative life moments. A year later, she published her second book in the series BUT GOD....WON’T HE DO IT, a walk through real life experiences of Gods glorious work of mercy, grace, and purpose. In March 2020, Dr Stephanie published her third book of the series A SURVIVORS GUIDE AFTER ABUSE: 3 P’s to Getting Back To “ME” PROCESS, PROCESS, and PURPOSE a step by step guide to over come the aftermath of an abusive relationship through the use of tools to self-liberation, self-worth, and self respect by renewing the mind, body, and soul.


Dr. Stephanie is a motivational speaker who focuses on women’s empowerment and education. Dr. Stephanie has spoken at various events including: THE GATHERING: SEE BEYOND in 2019, Princess Club-Hand Foundation, Divorce Seminar, and was the keynote speaker at Rowan South Jersey for their women’s empowerment conference.


Dr. Stephanie is the founder of The Tasteful Art Experience, a hands on interactive business that allows individuals to use art as a means to positively express their inner most thoughts.


She also expanded her ventures in health and wellness creating all natural body butter, sugar scrubs, and soap.

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Far from Perfect is definitely a must read. I could not put it down.I laughed. I cried.It made me think of my own life. Stephanie's story is a real testimony as to how AWESOME God is and how HE will bring you out of situations. Go get this book!!

Sherilyn Clark



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