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Is a personal story of one woman’s journey through this thing called “life”. A life filled with many disappointments, poor decisions, and situations that were FAR FROM PERFECT. Dr. Stephanie Chronicles: Far From Perfect depicts how one woman persevered to beat the odds and make it through domestic violence while parenting her two children, working full time, and going to college to advance her career. In this book you will find lessons learned, the importance of healing, and the unimaginable power of GOD.

But God...Won't HE Do It. Life hands each and everyone of us a deck of cards,nev

  • Life hands each and everyone of us a deck of cards,never knowing exactly what is coming our way. We begin to experience life, taking it by storm until something doesn’t go as planned or an unexpected event occurs. In someway shape or form we get through it. In the mist, we have no idea the impact it will play in our lives and who we become. We question why things happen and seek answers. There is one thing for sure…There are no mistakes in our God given blueprints. We were known before we were born and he knows exactly we are going. In this book Dr. Iglesias walks us through real life experiences of God’s glorious work of mercy, grace, and purpose.